Hackensack Sleep Center Partners is an Accredited Provider of the 80-hour Introductory Course necessary to become a sleep technologist, by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  Our course consists of classroom instruction and hands-on (didactic) training.  Our class sizes are small to enable our students the attention they deserve to really learn everything you need to begin a career in sleep technology.  


The 80-hour Introductory Course is regularly offered at Hackensack Sleep Center Partners. This in-person course consists of 80 hours (held over two-weeks) of instruction and training on sleep disorders, sleep studies and patient care.


The 80-Hour Introductory Course is not available online.





The A-STEP program consists of three parts; an 80-Hour Introductory Course, an 80-Hour Introductory Final Exam and the online Self-Study Modules.


STEP 1: Take the in-person 80-hour Introductory Course at an A-STEP accredited provider. This in-person course consists of 80 hours of instruction and hands-on training in the field of sleep including: sleep disorders; sleep studies and patient care.


STEP 2: Pass the 80-hour introductory final exam in class.


STEP 3: Complete the online Self-Study Modules at your own pace. Trainees are encouraged to complete the modules while receiving 18 months of supervised, on-the-job training from a sleep disorders center.



Program Completion

Once trainees have completed all three steps, they have completed the A-STEP program and have met part of the eligibility requirements to sit for the registry exam offered by the ABSM and BRPT.


The ABSM and BRPT require the 80-Hour Introductory Course, 80-Hour Final Exam and full series of Self-Study modules to be completed within 36 months (three years) of sitting for the registry exams.


Technologists that completed the A-STEP program in previous years may be required to complete the current set of self-study modules by either their Registry or State Medical Board. Technologists must register a new A-STEP account in order to complete/retake the full series of self-study modules.



State Licensure Requirements

the State of New Jersey now requires licensure to work as a registered sleep technologist or technologist in training. Contact your State Medical Board for licensure requirements.